Create or Die!

I am a mom of two boys, and I love it, but without a creative outlet, they wouldn't love me! 


I have recently gone back to my "Alma Mater" for design.  I am back working as a designer for Ethan Allen Global.  It was this company that took a chance on me in 2003 and taught me all of the ins and outs of doing design, but even more so how to sell myself and our product with intergrity and heart. Having returned to EA has been an even greater experience than my first chapter.  I feel like I have come home and struck my balance between taking care of me and taking care of my family.


Drawing since I was child, art has always been my passion.  I have found through 11 years of interior design, though, that my mediums keep changing.  Oh, I still love to draw, but painting is amazing!  And, seeing what I can make out of just about anything is my latest inspiration.  Anything from sculptures made from shells, armature wire and any number of other odds and ends, as well as light fixtures, succulent gardens, easy furniture, etc., are my current endeavors.  The tough part about this is that I am becoming a hoarder of weird things, because they might make other cool things!


As a mom, my need to marry form and function in design is huge.  This is where the furniture re"newing" came in.  It was a way to reinvent tired furniture with inspired finishes and hand painting so that they became fantastic storage pieces that were also one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  Everone needs more storage, it might as well be awesome!


I have to put this little plug in here:  I have also had a mommy blog for 3 years that tells the tales of parenting at my house.  Mostly it's the funny stuff that you would probably prefer to cry over, but laughing is better!  Check it out:


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